Technological systems

direzione lavori

Technological installations are defined as the complex of devices, equipment and systems designed to perform a precise task and to ensure a certain service that is equipped with a real estate or industrial unit.

We take care of the design, as well as the realization in partnership with companies of our trust, of the following technological systems:

– solar thermal and photovoltaic systems, protection systems against atmospheric discharges, as well as systems for the automation of doors, gates and barriers;

– radio and television installations, antennas and electronic installations in general;

– heating, air conditioning, air conditioning and refrigeration systems of any kind, including evacuation of combustion and condensation products, and ventilation and ventilation of rooms;

– water and sanitary facilities of any kind or species;

– installations for the distribution and use of gases of all kinds, including evacuation of combustion and ventilation products and ventilation of rooms;

– lifting of persons or property by means of lifts, hoists, escalators and the like;

– fire protection systems.

All technological systems are designed, manufactured and tested with the issue of a relative Certificate of Conformity, as required by Decree 37 of 22/01/2008.

For central heating systems (condominiums), we are able to design and relize a heat accounting system; for more details click on the following link:

Condominium heat accounting