Structural consolidation

consolidamento strutturale - Stesia engineering

Structural consolidation is a piece of the wider restoration project and as such it always remains a complex operation that requires a mix, in proportions that vary continuously with the type of intervention, between historical knowledge, critical sensitivity, technical and structural notions and sustainability economic.

This complexity inevitably led us to the development of a careful intervention methodology characterized by:

– direct analysis with verification of the crack pattern;

– instrumental survey;

– static history of the building;

– failure analysis through direct and instrumental observation;

– restitution of the crack pattern on the relief;

– study of historical technical specifications and materials used in construction;

– project of the intervention and implementation;

– verification and monitoring.

Today we are witnessing a greater sensitivity towards redevelopment and therefore towards the formal and structural conservation of buildings and therefore we are convinced that a good structural consolidation project tends, in the first instance, to assist rather than replace the supporting function of the structural elements of a building.

It is for this reason that we believe in the fact that structural consolidation should be considered a minimum intervention, which passes through the compatibility between historical and modern materials, used in the consolidation work which must always be characterized, as far as possible, by a reversibility on the basis of post-operam monitoring.

Consolidamento strutturale