Occupational Medicine

Medicina del lavoro

Occupational medicine is that branch of medicine that deals with the prevention of all pathologies and diseases resulting from work, accidents occurring in the workplace, occupational diseases and everything related to health and work.

The Consolidated Law on Health and Safety at Work (Legislative Decree No. 81/2008) provides for the obligation for all companies, in which at least one worker works, to carry out an assessment of the risks of the working environment .

The employer, in collaboration with the Head of the Prevention and Protection Service (RSPP) and the Competent Doctor, must draw up the so-called Risk Assessment Document (DVR).

If there are any risks to the health of workers, the employer is obliged to submit his employees to health surveillance by appointing the competent doctor, specialized in occupational medicine.


In compliance with current regulations on safety and health in the workplace, referred to in Legislative Decree 81/08, we offer all companies in any sector, which have at least one employee, services related to occupational medicine through our competent doctors; in particular:

  • appointment of the competent doctor: the employer is obliged to appoint, pursuant to art. 41 of Legislative Decree 81/2008, the Competent Doctor for carrying out health surveillance in the cases provided for by current legislation on Safety at Work;
  • inspection in the company workplaces: the physician in charge visits the workplaces at least once a year (Article 25, paragraph 1, letter l, Legislative Decree 81/08), or with different frequency if provided for in the Risk Assessment.
  • health surveillance: includes the drafting of health protocols, carrying out periodic medical examinations, with formulating judgments of suitability for the specific task, instrumental tests, laboratory tests (through specialized analysis laboratories), the creation and updating of records health and risk management, the management of the health documentation of all workers, pursuant to art. 41 of Legislative Decree 81/2008.