Our mission: we design the future by focusing on the environment and safety

We are an engineering company that transforms the work of a multidisciplinary group of technicians, with many years of experience, into a qualified service in terms of design, work management, consultancy, geognostic analysis, renewable energy, environmental protection, acoustic impact assessments, with particular dedication to issues related to safety and health in the workplace, of which we organize the mandatory courses by law with national validity, making available its professionals with a consolidated experience in the specific topics.

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Imaging and survey service by drone

We design your world

progettazione urbanistica ed architettonica

Urban and architectural design

We adopt a daily approach to sustainability to reduce future maintenance and consumption costs, through the choice of the most innovative products on the market…

Structural consolidation

Structural consolidation is a piece of the broader restoration project and as such remains a complex operation that requires a mix of historical knowledge, critical sensitivity…

Energy from renewable sources

STESIA deals with the use of renewable energy sources, which are energy sources obtained from renewable energy resources, such as sunlight, wind, rain, tides, waves….

Fire prevention

As part of the safety activities carried out by STESIA Engineering, a fundamental section is related to Fire Prevention: in continuous updating we are able to support professional firms…

Technological systems

Technological systems are defined as the complex of devices, equipment and systems designed to perform a precise task and to ensure a certain service that is equipped with a real estate or industrial unit…

Garden design

We provide advice for the planning, design, management, conservation and sustainable development of open spaces and the environment, both inside and outside…

ingegneria sismica - Stesia Engineering

Seismic engineering

Stesia provides seismic engineering services for renovation, redevelopment, new construction works related to commercial, industrial and residential projects and many other services related to seismic prevention…

Geognostic surveys

Geognostic surveys are now essential in the use and defense of the soil, in urban planning, in the study of structural failure phenomena…

Consulting services

direzione lavori

Work Directorate

We are able to manage the entire realization process of the works, from the drafting of the preliminary design to the definitive and executive one: we take care of the 100% work management.
coordinamento per la sicurezza nei cantieri

Coordination for safety at construction sites

We are able to carry out the task of the two necessary figures: the safety coordinator in the design phase and the coordinator…

corsi di formazione - stesia engineering

Training, health and safety courses in the workplace

The educational programs of our health and safety training courses in the workplace have been designed in compliance with the indications…

medicina del lavoro - Stesia Engineering

Occupational Medicine

Occupational medicine is that branch of medicine that deals with the prevention of all pathologies and diseases resulting from work, accidents occurring in the workplace…

GDPR - Privacy - Stesia Engineering

Imaging and survey service by drone

We offer an architectural survey service via drone for aerial visual inspections on buildings and land to map the area with precision

consulenza DVR - Stesia engineering

DVR Consulting

We are available for the drafting of the DVR and for the mandatory courses. Here are some of our courses: RSPP, RLS, worker training, firefighter, first aid worker…

servizio HACCP - Stesia Engineering


The HACCP System, is a systematic approach methodology aimed at identifying chemical, biological and physical hazards that can threaten food safety…

GDPR - Privacy - Stesia Engineering

Integrated management of personal data processing / GDPR

STESIA has activated a new service that will allow its customers to comply with the European Regulation for GDPR…



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