Fire prevention

Prevenzione incendi - Stesia engineering

As part of the safety activities carried out by STESIA Engineering, a fundamental section is related to Fire Prevention: in continuous updating we are able to support professional studios and companies with our professionals, enabled by DPR 151/2011.

The services offered by STESIA Engineering in this specific sector are:

fire-fighting advice for new projects or adaptation of existing structures;

fire resistance certifications of bearing and/or separating structures of construction works;

fire-fighting design to obtain the Fire Compliance Opinion at the provincial fire brigade command territorilly competent;

fire-fighting design to obtain a derogation on project examination;

plant design:

    • fire-fighting water systems with hydrants and/or naspi;
    • automatic water extinguishing systems (sprinklers);
    • chemical or inert gas extinguishing systems;
    • automatic smoke, heat, gas, flame and manual fire alarm detection systems;
    • automatic smoke and heat evacuation systems;

drafting of practices and forms for the purpose of obtaining the Certificate of Fire Prevention and/or for the presentation of the S.C.The.A.;

– issuance of certifications pursuant to Law 818/84;

– asseverations to ensure the efficiency and functionality requirements of systems aimed at active fire protection and/or to ensure the fire resistance characteristic of products and systems for the protection of parts or bearing elements of construction works;

– authorization practices for activities subject to verification by the Technical Commission for the supervision of public entertainment venues (public entertainment venues, sports facilities);

– practices for obtaining regional authorizations for the construction and operation of mineral oil deposits;

– tests and verifications of fire-fighting water systems with hydrants and naspi, sprinklers, automatic smoke, heat, gas detection systems, smoke and heat evacuation systems, with relative sworn expertise;

– fire risk assessment and elaboration of company emergency plan;

– periodic fire prevention checks on fire fighting equipment and systems and compilation of the appropriate register (DPR 151/11 and DM 10/03/98).

The request for the issue of the fire prevention certificate is subject to the finalization of the works in accordance with the requirements of the project approved by the Fire Brigade Command (Fire Compliance Opinion): after completed work, the test visit must be requested, which is resolved, in case of a positive outcome, in the issue of the fire prevention certificate.

After the issue of the Fire Prevention Certificate, the person responsible for the activity, for which this document has been issued, is required to observe and enforce the limitations, prohibitions and, in general, the requirements indicated in the certificate itself, as well as to ensure the maintenance of the efficiency of systems, devices and equipment expressly aimed at fire prevention.

It is also necessary to bear in mind that the law also lays down the obligation to request fire prevention visits and controls whenever there are:

– changes in working and structures;

– new use of premises and qualitative and quantitative variations in existing dangerous substances;

– when the previously established safety conditions develop.

For the above, it is necessary to request prior approval and control from the Provincial Commands of the Fire Brigades even if a plant undergoes technical or structural changes during the period of validity of the fire prevention certificate or the provisional authorization.

It should not be forgotten, however, that the fire prevention certificate has a period of validity, varying according to the activity, established by DPR 151/2011 and that therefore, near its expiry, it is necessary to request its renewal.