Garden design

progettazione giardini

We provide advice for the planning, design, management, conservation and sustainable development of open spaces and the environment, both inside and outside the built areas, considering their relationship with the environment in which they fit.

We plan and design green spaces and gardens on the basis of the natural characteristics and historical and cultural values of the territory, using aesthetic, functional, scientific and management methods and principles, with an appropriate use of mainly natural techniques and materials, but also produced by man.

The importance of the design phase, in the construction of a garden, is extremely important, both for a complete picture of all the development phases, and to provide the customer with a complete view of the green space, on which to intervene at any time for the contribution of logistical and landscape changes.

Our know-how is made available to the client, public or private, for consultancy and new design ideas that, through the use of the most up-to-date softwares and modern techniques, will lead to the best solution shaped for the real needs of the customer.

The design process includes:

  • an inspection, without any financial commitment by the client, aimed at:

– identification of the specific needs of the green area that it will want to create or transform;

– identification of the characteristics and peculiarities of the site covered by the intervention;

– formulation of an economic offer that the customer can evaluate and discuss further with our staff, arriving at a shared solution, a combination of sustainability and professionalism;

  • a draft in principle, to provide the offender with an overview of the intervention through freehand sketches and 3D simulations;
  • an executive project, based on the choices shared in the preliminary phase and identified as definitive according to the real needs of the client; the design at this level will include general and detailed graphic tables in relation to:

– earth movements and ancillary works;

– accommodation of greenery, indicating the species and number of plants to be planted;

– furnishings;

– irrigation systems;

– estimative metric calculation, for an estimate of intervention costs

– metric calculation and technical specifications to be submitted to the implementing undertakings.

giardini pensili
progettazione giardini