Training, health and safety courses in the workplace

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The educational programs of our health and safety training courses in the workplace have been designed in compliance with the indications of the D.Legislative decree. 81/08 and comply with the provisions of the State-Regions Conferences of 21 December 2011 and 22 February 2012 and validated by the National Bilateral Body, as required by legislative decree.



In the first analysis, distance courses are convenient for everyone: for insiders, who have to issue attendance certificates, there is certainly a sharp reduction in running costs, in some cases cancellation; those who have to attend are not subject to location and time constraints, as they can read handouts online comfortably in the workplace or in their own home, without any kind of interaction with a tutor.

However, our training experience has led us to the conclusion, in harmony with the Legislator and the territorial control bodies, that classroom courses have always guaranteed the highest level of interactivity, favored by a continuous interdisciplinary exchange between teachers and learners, with the aim of dissolving any doubts that may arise, given the complexity of a subject such as safety and health in the workplace.

Moreover, this aspect should not be overlooked, not all the modules of the courses can be carried out remotely, however requesting, according to the latest State-Regions agreement, even partially, the presence in the classroom: all our offers related to the courses on health and safety in the workplace contained in this site are complete and therefore do not require other supplementary courses with additional costs.

As far as I am concerned, we prefer to carry out training courses on health and safety in the workplace either directly at our headquarters or on the move to your city: in the latter case the economic offer will not change (to allow us to maintain this condition, we obviously need a reasonable number of participants on the territory concerned, easily accessible by organizing a purchase group).

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